Hôtel Restaurant les Templiers Collioure France

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Hotel restaurant Les Templiers Collioure France – Interior view of the artwork.

On this mild clear evening the sun is going down, the scene is enlightened by the lights of the harbour front cafés and bars and the spot lights focused on Collioure’s church, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, a former converted lighthouse. There is of course in this gorgeous setting the natural moonlight sparkling on the sea and reflected on the brightly coloured fishing boats that are such a feature of the harbour at Collioure. These small boats have inspired so many artists over the years being painted and photographed so often that they are synonymous with this beautiful harbour. In the full light of day we will see them at their best later in the week. Artists and artisans such as Andre Derain, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Charles Rennie Mackintosh along with many others have been inspired by the light and views on offer here in Collioure. Inside the Restaurant/Bar Templiers which has a particularly attractive terrace on Avenue Camille Pelleton there are copies or art works adorning the walls by Picasso, Matisse, Dali and others. The restaurant had the originals left to them by these famous artists but some of these were stolen years ago so very understandably no originals are to be seen on display today. On the quayside leading down the Avenue there are many modern day artists painting the very same scenes, some to very good effect, others perhaps are a little dubiously talented. It all makes for a lovely peaceful and atmospheric scene though. Along the front of the small half-moon shaped beach that has the church as its focal point there are many brightly lit cafés and most of these have a terrace spilling out right up to the beach, the clinking of glasses an ever present relaxing sound. The view from one of these tables is I feel as good as it gets and it is one that has to be savoured over a latte or a beer or a lovely chilled rosé wine.

Collioure Harbour
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Published by Neal Atherton

My passion is writing about travel and particularly French travel. I have traveled extensively in France and wine and food has always featured on my travels and now in my books. My friends always await our return from France with the latest new finds from the vineyards and I was more than happy to keep sampling. I am from Lancashire in the north of England but have now relocated to Somerset (nearer to France) and able to enjoy devoting my time to writing and new discoveries. France came late to me as a destination, in fact so conservative was my travel upbringing that it was a long time before I even ventured to Cornwall. I have more than made up for the slow start and have enjoyed helping many others with their travel plans to France and especially to Paris and Provence. I have written a series of four books on France - Three are now on Amazon:THE FIRST TIME WE SAW PARIS about our first steps in French Travel, THYME FOR PROVENCE our discovery of that glorious region and the people and places we met and discovered, A DREAM OF PARIS a personal memoir of our times in Paris with friends. France has been fun, we have been burgled on our very first arrival, we discovered the best cafe that changed our travel lives on the very next day, we learnt about French wine, we escaped from the most horrendous gite, we found the best of gites, B & B's and people, we laughed and cried with dear friends in Paris, I was hosed down by a crazy owner to cool me down in Provence, our breakfast in a remote village was served by the French army, we stepped totally out of our comfort zone and discovered the best of French culture. The experiences are varied and many and please come with me as I retell the stories and my footsteps are there to follow. I am also writing about ancestry and genealogy and my first book about our incredible family story themed around war and the military is now on Amazon - A BULLET FOR LIFE. I love the English game of cricket, golf, soccer, photography, walking and cooking. Oh, and travel of course.

2 thoughts on “Hôtel Restaurant les Templiers Collioure France

  1. We had family holidays around Collioure in the late 80s and early 90s. Much quieter in those days I guess but we would love to return there again. We remember the light, the colours, and restaurants inside boats moored along a quayside. In one of these we had a Zarzuela, to sure how to describe it, like a large seafood stew in a flat pan, full of prawns and fresh tuna. Happy days. Also I found another of your comments about The Best Chablis in ……. my comment trash folder!!! I keep finding yours in spam and don’t see them until long after you’ve posted. WordPress is driving me batty at present, people I’ve followed for years suddenly disappear from my following list and I have to refollow them, images failing to upload …. Anyway, I’ll see if I can put you on a “whitelist” technically. What wines are you choosing for Christmas? We are going The Full English!

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    1. Brian Hi Thank you for your comment. Collioure is a very special place for us and has so many memories. In fact my daughter had her honeymoon there – we agreed to miss that though! I think it is the light you remember and somehow the air just relaxes you on that coast along with the incredible colours of the sea and boats. I am think of lunch overlooking the bay – we must return. I remember my daughter having a wonderful seafood meal. She is quite petite and shall we say rather attractive but loves her food despite her slim figure. She ordered a seafood platter which was three storeys high on this ‘cake stand’ and the young Catalan waiter brought it with a knowing smile and managed to avoid asking her out that evening. He clearly could not see how this little person could eat it – but she did. The seafood on that coast is wonderful as you have found out. I do a slightly similar dish to the Zaruela which is an Ottolenghi recipe : https://ottolenghi.co.uk/recipes/baked-seafood-with-tomatoes-and-turkish-cheese . I just mix and match which ever fish I fancy. Worth a try if you enjoy that sort of Mediterranean food. I too have had a few issues with WordPress and especially the images not uploading correctly. I have got around it but not by them resolving it properly. Otherwise WordPress is quite easy to use but again I sense I am also missing a few followers but as I don’t really keep a list it is hard to prove. Christmas is not a special time for us in the sense that we don’t actually celebrate it as we are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Having said that it has always been one of my favourite times of the year as I enjoyed the freedom and break from what was a stressful and very full time job. I enjoyed doing a lot of cooking and entertaining friends with whatever wines we had returned with from France in the summer. My thoughts are turning to a few wines as my French cellar is almost dry. My feeling is that I will get some Loire Valley whites to enjoy and I have a few Provencal reds such as Gigondas and Luberon left from our travels. I have been going into our local Majestic and they have La Ladoucette Pouilly Fume which I keep looking at. Possibly my wife Lorna’s (Niamh) very favourite. It is around £34 a bottle and I paid about £9 in France so can I take the plunge? I will see if I can pick up some Camel Valley white, they sometimes have that locally as English sounds a good idea. I have downloaded your book but please bear with me for a review but I will post one ASAP – and not a one star critique! It looks really interesting and with the generous amount of photography I am looking forward to a nostalgic tour of France. The Mersault picture alone take us back – happy days. Can I say how sorry I was to read about your son in the dedication. He no doubt was very much in your thoughts as you wrote. I found that emotion in writing my books and recalling lovely times that sadly we can no longer share with treasured friends. Thank you again for your comment and your support for my wine book which was very much appreciated – Neal

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