Ancestry Genealogy Researching my new book Solving problems Part 3

The area that needs patience and persistence is in trying to find extra information from local newspapers. In the cases of Thomas Ashburner, John Ashburner, Roger Orrell, James Atherton and Alan Atherton I was able to discover so much extra detail and find events that were buried deep in the past that turned their storiesContinue reading “Ancestry Genealogy Researching my new book Solving problems Part 3”

Alans Story Allied Landings in Salerno

I recently watched a moving and informative program made by the famous English footballer Gary Lineker about his grandad who served in the medical corps in WW2. He was in the Allied landings at Salerno, Italy on Sept 9/10 1943. He was a caring and brave man who did his very best to help theContinue reading “Alans Story Allied Landings in Salerno”

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Researching my Ancestry Genealogy book – Solving problems Part 1

I eagerly tore apart the envelope from the Records Office as I knew the contents should be the key to opening up my search for my wife Lorna’s family line. Inside was the birth certificate of Alice Hatton, the daughter born to George Hatton and his wife in 1916. This is Lorna’s Grandmother.