Touring the Cote D Or Discovering Burgundy Wine

Touring the Cote D’or – Discovering Burgundy Wine The Cote D’or is the most stunning of lands, gently sloping rolling countryside that leads up from the plain that heads south. Miles upon miles of fertile vineyards stretch up these slopes and the higher they go, the closer to the sun, the more these parcels of land are valued and the price of the finished bottle reflects its location of birth. It is also a region that for the novice is extremely difficult to understand and purchase wine with confidence.

Wine Touring in Southern France Rhône Valley Gigondas

I am having another writing day and getting closer to the completion of my initial writing of my book – SHARING WITH ANGELS. The hard part of editing will then begin, not a task I overly look forward too as you end up re-reading so much that you lose sight of if the book is actually worth reading. I hope you will agree that the finish product was worth the effort.

Inspiration for my writing Wine labels collected in France

Writing my new book Sharing with Angels I gain inspiration from this collection of wine labels from the vineyards of France we have visited

Starting my New book on French wine with wine glass in hand

A bottle of your finest Blue Nun waiter, merci. That I think was the extent of my ability to order a bottle of wine back in the 1970’s. The only other wine that was in my consciousness would be Crown of Crowns Liebfraumilch, a wine that at the time seemed very exotic. In its own way a bottle that today would be like Chateau Petrus in my aspirations.

Discovering French Wine and vineyards

I am well along in writing my fourth book (working title – SHARING WITH ANGELS) on travels in France and this one is particularly enjoyable as it is about our times touring the French wine regions. We started our wine education down in Languedoc Roussillon but it really started with an organised wine tour to Burgundy and the Loire. Our confidence grew and we made many independent trip to the vineyards and made many wonderful finds, many well off the beaten track.