Love of Paris and why Joni Mitchell just made us go

As I was getting to the completion of my writing about our times in Paris over many years my thoughts turned to how to start or introduce what is a collection of stories and personal recollections. I thought really that I have to explain why we went to Paris at all and why it came to mean so much.

Is Paris more Beautiful in the Rain?

This feels like a good subject to ponder as publish my new book about Paris although I have a feeling I will be writing more about Paris in the future – the story is not fully told nor has it ended. At the end of ‘Midnight in Paris’ Gil and his new love Gabrielle head off to a new beginning and they walk across the Seine on Pont Alexandre III unconcerned by the falling rain, in fact to them ‘Paris is more beautiful in the rain’. Whether Hemingway ever shared the same romantic vision of Paris we do not know though somehow I doubt that he did.