Buying Olive Oil from the producer in Provence France

One product that is inescapably linked to the region and just as treasured as the beautiful wines produced here is olive oil. We use a large amount in our cooking these days and wanted to take some genuine Provencal oil back home to England with us. On the other side of the Dentelles there areContinue reading “Buying Olive Oil from the producer in Provence France”

Vaison La Romaine a quiet corner for lunch

Walking slowly up the ancient cobbled narrow streets of the old town we searched up and down the maze of narrow passageways for a small restaurant that we had previously enjoyed lunch at but found it shuttered up, unusually closed at this busy time of year. It was at this tiny unnamed restaurant serving justContinue reading “Vaison La Romaine a quiet corner for lunch”

Photography and Blog on Lavender fields in Provence France

I have written of the remarkable expanse of lavender around the Abbey at Senanque just north of Gordes in the chapter ‘Our week in Provence’ in my book on Amazon – THYME for PROVENCE but it is worth briefly pointing out some other areas that should be on your ‘must see’ list if you are a lover of this beautiful fragrant plant. I appreciate that there are many people for whom a visit to Provence must be made in the lavender season as it is crucial to their experience of the region. My wife Niamh is one of those people.