Hope Cove Ilfracombe North Devon England Beach Waterfall

Dramatic waterfall right on the beach at Hope Cove North Devon. Unusually this is located right on the beach and is a spectacular sight especially after some heavy rain. The cove is a very varied landscape and offers walks on the beach as well as extensive ones along the cliffs. Not exactly undiscovered but youContinue reading “Hope Cove Ilfracombe North Devon England Beach Waterfall”

Springsteen, French Travels, Cricket and Brief Encounters

I note that recently ‘The Boss’ was 71. I have seen Springsteen many times over the years and had the pleasure of meeting him on one occasion. It made me recall the number of times I have met well known people on my travels – right place, right time. Hope you enjoy this recollection centeredContinue reading “Springsteen, French Travels, Cricket and Brief Encounters”

FRANCE Travel can be safe with the French Travel Series Books

Paris, Provence, Burgundy and Languedoc all feature in my French Travel Books. Please enjoy my recollections of our travels to France over many years. The people and places we found were unforgettable and as always I place a strong emphasis on the food and wine of the regions. Come with me and be inspired toContinue reading “FRANCE Travel can be safe with the French Travel Series Books”