Canet Plage the scene my First French Travel Book

Canet Plage was where we first visited France. We arrived in cold late spring weather and took our first steps of discovery around the port at Canet. We grew to love those walks into town or by crossing the harbour by small ferry. The sounds from the tightly packed boats were relaxing – gentle soundsContinue reading “Canet Plage the scene my First French Travel Book”

Hôtel Restaurant les Templiers Collioure France

On this mild clear evening the sun is going down, the scene is enlightened by the lights of the harbour front cafés and bars and the spot lights focused on Collioure’s church, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, a former converted lighthouse. There is of course in this gorgeous setting the natural moonlight sparkling on the sea and reflected onContinue reading “Hôtel Restaurant les Templiers Collioure France”