A Dream of Paris

A Personal Paris Travel Memoir

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Paris is the most atmospheric of cities. The sights, the people, the restaurants and cafes are evocative of memorable travel and times past. This is a small selection of my photography taken over several visits and rendered in black and white. Please enjoy these and my books on Paris and France are available on Amazon.

Paris – History, Architecture, Food and wine, the finest city

Our favourite city – a place for friends and very special memories

‘Found this well written and informative. Certainly gets the atmosphere of Paris and especially the gastronomic side of what Paris has to offer’

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A Dream of Paris – A personal travel memoir

The long and wonderful evening we spent at Le Hide Restaurant on Rue du General Lanrezac just around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe was sadly drawing to a close. The time spent at the table had stretched to around four hours and had been a joyous and unforgettable occasion for the eight subscribers of our member’s only village wine club – actually just our cottage dining room. Roman, our generous and delightful waiter who kept us entertained all evening with his patient, limitless good humour moved across the floor to present us with our extensive bill. “Roman, mais non, nous aurons tous un Armagnac” said James or words to that effect. Roman, heavy eyes already wanting to drift off to sleep, simply hooked his collar onto the coat rack and feigned a deep restful sleep somewhere, anywhere but still serving les Anglais in the cosy restaurant.

  • Excerpt from Dream of Paris – our evening in Le Hide restaurant

Is Paris More Beautiful in the Rain?

This is a personal memoir of our times spent in Paris and our love of this endlessly absorbing city and its people.

I recall many travels with friends, finding restaurants & cafes and enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris.

I travel in the footsteps of Hemingway and enrich the writing with the history and art the city has produced.

My fascination with how the city and its people were affected by the Occupation and eventual liberation in August 1944 and how that personally affected me. I face the challenge of returning to find out how Paris recovers from the appalling events of the night of the Bataclan attacks.

The theme of the film ‘Midnight in Paris’ threads through the strolls through Paris and ‘Is Paris more beautiful in the rain?’

I have not set it out to be a guidebook but it will inspire you to follow my footsteps but most of all make you dream of Paris and to visit making your own memories.

This is the third book of my French series.

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Polidor Restaurant Paris – a favourite haunt of Hemingway and used as a location in Midnight in Paris
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La Conciergerie · This former prison, now a museum is on the Ile de la Cité, a short walk from Notre-Dame Cathedral
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Reminet restaurant Paris France

An enjoyable read, narrating the author and his wife’s various visits to Paris, over many visits both as a couple and with friend. A great overview of the various foods, wines, sights and sounds, with some history and social commentary thrown in. By the fact that it is Paris seen from several different times and perspectives, you get the feel for the many moods of the city. A very pleasant read..

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5.0 out of 5 stars

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