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Neal Atherton

Travel Writer and Photographer with five books on French Travel now on Amazon

Fishing Boats Aldeburgh Suffolk

ABOUT this page

Like everyone travel has not been easy these last two years. So, as staycation is the popular travel word just now I thought it a good time to visit and revisit some of my favourite UK places.

I hope to inspire you to visit these places also.

They will not essentially be guides but just to give a flavour of a place, a reason to visit.

There will be seaside towns and villages, some of the glorious places found in the English countryside and mountain and lake areas. Also some more unexpected visits to towns I know well. Hope you enjoy and over the next twelve months I will fill this page with my experiences, mainly new but also some memories.

Lighthouse Southwold Suffolk
Alt="Fowey river Cornwall looking upstream across the boats and yachts"
From Fowey Harbour across to the Fowey River looking upstream
Alt="Photo covers of the French travel guide books non-fiction on Kindle Unlimited"
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Neal is always available for contacting about his writing. If you want to chat about travel, books, wine, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


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