FREE BOOK TODAY Ancestry Genealogy Research Tips Part 2

This is part 2 of the method I used in conducting the research for my book on family history – A BULLET FOR LIFE – Now on Amazon

Darwen Lancashire Queen Victoria Tower

Darwen Queen Victoria Tower Lancashire England. Dominating the valley since 1897 when it was constructed to mark her Diamond Jubilee. I was brought up here and it was always said of the tower that if you can’t see it it was raining and if you could see it then it was going to rain – Lancashire weather.

Ancestry Genealogy Researching my new book Solving problems Part 3

The area that needs patience and persistence is in trying to find extra information from local newspapers. In the cases of Thomas Ashburner, John Ashburner, Roger Orrell, James Atherton and Alan Atherton I was able to discover so much extra detail and find events that were buried deep in the past that turned their storiesContinue reading “Ancestry Genealogy Researching my new book Solving problems Part 3”