Uphill Estuary Weston Bay Somerset A special place

A perfect morning as we look over the Axe Estuary from Uphill Nature Reserve. The path leads around to the boatyard from her at the Axe Estuary at the end of the beach at Weston Super Mare Somerset England. The land that gets the tidal flow over it is rich in wild flowers and especiallyContinue reading “Uphill Estuary Weston Bay Somerset A special place”

Quayside at Granville Port Normandy France

Please check out my travel books on Amazon – enjoy France from your armchair until we can fully travel again. Looking forward to travelling again soon. Thank you and hope everyone keeps safe. Normandy will be next on my list of writings and I will publish some extracts from my forthcoming new book over theContinue reading “Quayside at Granville Port Normandy France”

Artists Impression of the Paris Islands for my French Travel Books

A lovely watercolour artwork from an original idea by my book illustrator – so looking forward to being back on an island cafe. I do love to mix up my illustrations in my French travel books with photography and some original artwork. I think an artists impression allows your imagination to take you into theContinue reading “Artists Impression of the Paris Islands for my French Travel Books”